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Pokemon soul silver yahoo

Pokemon soul silver yahoo

Name: Pokemon soul silver yahoo

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It's not bad for saying your only on the 4th gym but I think you should trian your pokemon for a while to level 35 each then it will be easy to do. maybe the rom you downloaded is broken. Try getting another one to check. http ://rkrosaries.com has a fully working copy. I would recommend that you buy the real game rather than download it off the internet. The real games are a lot more reliable and can always.

You get the ribbon from beating Red at Mt. Silver here's a list of ribbons that you can obtain in SoulSilver: Effort ribbon- Blackthorn city. Ability ribbon- Battle. Here are the only main differences between Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. 1. You can get Ho-Oh earlier in "HeartGold" however you. Heart Gold: Mankey -Growlith -Spinarak -Gligar -Mantine -Phampy -Sableye - Baltoy -Kyogre Soul Silver: Vulpix -Meowth -Ladyba -Teddiersa.

Without the trading possibility: Jolteon instead of Ampharos (now Flaaffy), Ampharos is decent, but Jolteon is awesome. You can get it by. After catching the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage, you obtain a Red Scale. Take the Red Scale to Mr. Pokemon outside of Cherrygrove and. I know Electric type can, since my Ampharos and my spiky eared Pichu both know it. Go here: rkrosaries.com and you will see a list of. I tend to choose grass types, and I got soul silver yesterday and using a grass type pokemon right at the start meaning that the rest of the.


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