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Borrowed Plumes

Borrowed Plumes

Name: Borrowed Plumes

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Oh, I know you lied to me earlier, so quit adorning yourself with borrowed plumes and tell me what you really contributed to this event. This phrase refers to the fable of the jay which dressed itself in the peacock's feathers. Her friends repeated the pleasing phrase. Here is the sentence in which it is used: "There are no false colors, no borrowed plumes, no empty pretensions." Plumes, worn as personal adornment, were in olden days a mark of distinction. "Wearing borrowed plumes" means claiming distinction that really belongs to someone else. I believe this sentence uses 'borrowed plumes' in its literal sense. A plume is a feather or arrangement of feathers used for decoration. A borrowed plume is a plume being worn by someone other than the bird that grew it. I'm not sure if 'hunters' refers to the humans, the other falcons or both.

borrowed plumes a pretentious display not rightly your own. This phrase refers to the fable of the jay which dressed itself in the peacock's feathers. It is the Latin version too that lies behind the popular idiom 'to adorn oneself (or strut) in borrowed plumes', used against empty pretensions. Borrowed Plumes has 23 ratings and 3 reviews. Janet couldn't match her beautiful cousin. She'd always lived in Renata's shadow, so when Renata decided ag.

Directed by Victor Halperin. With Marjorie Daw, Niles Welch, Wheeler Oakman, Louise Carter. I've NEVER seen "to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes" and nor have my ( quite old) parents, of course we would understand it in context but. We are young yet, and are only slowly finding a way, but are we obliged to bedeck ourselves in borrowed plumes and copy art born of other countries and not.


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